Grouse and Grain

Work from solo exhibition Grouse and Grain

The Hare
Pyrography on beech wood.
The Northern Corries. A familiar view from Scottish mountain town Aviemore, Cairngorms National Park.
Acrylic and Paintpen on canvas.
The Kingfisher
Pyrography on oak with visible bark lines
The Gannet and the Sea
Acrylic, ink and paintpen on pine
A Monarch's View
Pyrography on sycamore
Bothie in a Box
Driftwood sculpture.
Rowan Leaf Rut.
Shed red deer antlers from different animals, mounted on hand shaped balsa skull plates and oak backboard
Collaboration with knitwear and crochet specialist Ursula Rautenbach.
Green State of Mind
Acrylic and ink on wood
Grouse and Grain
Pyrography on sycamore
Pyrography on beech wood
Pine Martin
Pyrography on cherry
Magnetic Midnight
Pyrography and teak oil on beech wood
Cat in Question
Acrylic, spray paint, paintpen, enamel and ink on wood
Grouse and Grain Exhibition, Old Gala house, 27th July - 9th August 2015
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